You are energized by your garden,
we are energized by happy clients.

Your garden is your own private piece of paradise – a place where you can relax and spend time with your loved ones and family. Every detail should meet your expectations and wishes.

That's why we offer a wide range of coverings to satisfy even the most demanding wishes and ideas. You can choose from noble natural woods, professional wood-plastic coverings or a large variety of artificial grass coverings. Each terrace is a unique project for us and everything is tailored to maximum enjoyment of the result. You are energized by your garden; we are energized by happy customers.

Plain plane?

The mobile terrace offers two types of connection to the immediate pool area.

One popular solution is to make the mobile terrace flush with the surrounding roofing. This creates a clear area with a hidden bathing area below the level. 

 However, the “above the roof” option is also popular, where the Sliding Terrace acts as a raised cover. In this case, the height of the Sliding Terrace with covering varies between 0.214 and 0.314 m.


Top-quality construction guarantees long and trouble-free operation of the mobile terrace – this is a necessary prerequisite. However, the roofing is the element that connects the terrace to its surroundings, the element that connects the user to the garden.

We recommend considering the choice of roofing material with regard to material properties, long-term sustainability and, of course, personal preferences.

Again, we recommend visiting our showroom, where all types of roofing can be seen, even in daylight – you won't end up buying a pig in a poke with us.

Noble natural materials

The range of natural coverings is extensive and includes European, Siberian, exotic and thermally modified timber. When selecting one, we recommend considering not only the appearance of the covering, but also other factors such as maintenance requirements and, of course, the durability of the different types of terrace decking. The range of durability is large.

If you do not find the desired type of covering in our offer, it is possible to order a terrace completely without covering and complete the installation on your own. 

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

WPC or "wood plastic", is a composite material made partly from wood with the addition of a plastic component. It is thus an artificially created "wood" composed of 60% high-quality wood flour supplemented with 40% polymer, which provides an optimal ratio between the two raw materials.

Advantages of WPC

-Durable material with a guarantee of up to 15 years against  wood-destroying fungi, decay and insects.

-Cheaper in the long run due zero maintance, no paint.

-Colour resistant.

-Natural look and pleasant surface.

-Minimal surface changes to the material. 

Artificial turf

Artificial grass carpets have an extremely advantageous price/comfort ratio, where in our case the weight also plays a very positive role. Grass carpets are the lightest form of covering. In our offer you will find pleasant grass carpets with longer pile which are densely woven and are thus very comfortable.

Grass carpets give a very realistic impression, which can be enhanced by beige pile among the classic green imitating dry grass blades. The pile height is usually 35 mm. And the durability? The manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty! It is best to come and see the carpet in person at our showroom.

Rails in the grass

A special construction procedure allows us to anchor the rails below ground level. The rails thus blend in completely with the surroundings and do not interfere with the use of the garden. Please consult your Sliding Terraces sales representative about the construction preparation for laying the rails ”in the grass“.

A solution for every pool

  • Longitudinal sliding sliding
  • Split sliding sliding
  • Folded sliding sliding
  • Transwerse sliding sliding
  • Atypical shapes sliding
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