Longitudinal sliding WPC

Compact solution with WPC Stone Grey. The height of the terrace is a pleasant 21.4 cm. Implemented Prague 2021

Transverse sliding

Transverse sliding profile for a 4x8m pool, combination of natural wood and quality artificial grass 35 mm high.

Hidden Whirlpool

Cleverly designed placement of the whirlpool. When the cover is closed, the whirlpool is completely concealed. When the cover is opened, an additional relaxation area is created.

Transverse sliding terrace for pool, longitudinal sliding for whirlpool

Combination of two terrace movements for two bodies. Above the whirlpool, a mechanical thermal cover is added to the Sliding Terrace. WPC teak covering.

Longitudinal sliding WPC

An elegant solution with terrace slide to an unpaved surface thanks to rails anchored in the grass. WPC covering. Manual sliding.

Folded sliding and natural wood

Practical solution for plots with limited space. Two height levels but space taken up halved when the terrace is folded. New for 2022!

Split slide and WPC

For larger pools, the so-called split-slide is a common choice. The ratio of the split terrace is designed according to the client's wishes or the layout of the plot.

A solution for every pool

  • Longitudinal sliding sliding
  • Split sliding sliding
  • Folded sliding sliding
  • Transwerse sliding sliding
  • Atypical shapes sliding
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