More than a cover

The most common concern when purchasing a family inground pool or pond is the safety of children and pets. Our terrace cover helps address this concern thanks to the compactness of the design and safety features

we have developed for our Sliding Terraces. Mobile terraces thus fulfil three functions: they fully cover the pool, they complement the property in design and they ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Terrace arrestment

For terraces without a motorized slide, we have developed a special form of locking for both positions of the terrace, i.e., in the open and closed state. The arresting locks are equipped with a key - so there is no risk of unintentional movement, and no curious child or naughty pet will be able to move the terrace without your knowledge. The locking system is supplemented by a brake to lock the terrace in any position. 



Motorised slide

Terrace modules are made of top quality aluminium beams. Together with the roofing, the mobile terraces in regular and larger sizes weigh one or more tons. As much as our guide rails and motion casters are constructed for smooth operation, it is of course ideal to have the patio moved by a PT-24V electric motor assembled for use in pool installations. The drive voltage is 24V and meets strict CSN standards - wiring near the pool. Degree of protection is IP44. Control (again with a focus on safety) is provided by a simple key switch. The motor can brake the terrace in any position and is also used to lock the movement of the terrace. If you do not turn the key, the terrace will stay perfectly still. Opening/closing the terrace takes a short time, about 30 seconds (depending on the size and direction of the terrace opening). 

Motor feed - motor mounting

The placement of the motor is again at the direction of the investor, but dictated more often by the layout of the plot. Thus, the motor can be "hung" directly on the edge of the terrace (as shown in the picture above) or placed in the hidden shaft, i.e., out of view of the pool/garden users. The hidden shaft must be drained and covered in the same decor as the Sliding Terrace.

Rails and sliding

All the components of our Mobile Terraces are designed by us specifically for pool and garden enviroments. The same is true for the ergonomically shaped rails, i.e., with no sharp edges. This means that they do not cause any problems when stepped on barefoot and do not form any obstacle to the use of the pool/garden when installed on the surface.

For smooth and noiseless sliding, we have designed special nylon supporting wheels made of modified Polyamide-6, which is a rigid plastic that can withstand high loads. This material guarantees a product of great toughness, with good sliding propereties, high abrasion resistance and good chemical stability. Thus, it perfectly copes with the aggressive enviroment around swimming pools and guarantees continual smooth sliding of sliding terrace. 

Side protection

A rubber seal is installed around the entire perimeter of the terrace to prevent the unwanted entry of debris generated e.g., when mowing the grass, and thus helps to save money on water treatment and filtration. At Sliding Terraces we think of everything!

Static calculation is the start

At the beginning of every Sliding Terrace that rolls off our production line, we carry out an authorized static calculation. We are thus able to guarantee the impressive load bearing capacity of the terrace, which ranges from 70 to 450kg/m2 (depending on the snow zone). This is important for many reasons – for full utilisation of the terrace, but also for the longevity of the installation with regard to the snow load, which must be taken into account especially for flat structures. To check the snow load in your area, please consult the static map – our sales representative will be happy to tell you the exact level, or check it at  

A solution for every pool

  • Longitudinal sliding sliding
  • Split sliding sliding
  • Folded sliding sliding
  • Transwerse sliding sliding
  • Atypical shapes sliding
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